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LED Decoys are proud to be associated with the following individuals and companies

Matt Wessel

Since I can remember I’ve loved anything to do with the outdoors. But one thing
stood out from all else – waterfowl. For me, there is nothing better than seeing
divers on the deck heading your direction, mallards responding to your hail call, or
geese turning to your flag and coming your way. Frosty mornings, strategy, endless hours of scouting, and friends formed for life is what makes waterfowl hunting special for me.

As a young man growing up in Southwest Nebraska I couldn’t have been more fortunate. My back yard was literally filled with ringneck pheasant, quail, and ducks.Since then I’ve traveled to and lived in states in both the Central and Atlantic Flyways. I have been fortunate to meet a lot of great people while hunting, and Jason with Lake Effect Decoys is among those people. Over the past 7 years Jason and I have hunted geese and ducks throughout western Pennslyvania. I’ve witnessed the evolution of an idea born in a garage transform into cutting edge technology that is Lake Effect Decoys today.

As the father of four boys, the future is bright. I’ve shot geese and ducks with my two oldest sons and have two more begging me every year to get their chance. Whatever your situation, pass along the values of this awesome sport with our
younger generations. And if you have the opportunity to own and shoot Lake Effect Decoys, you won’t regret it.

Richie Lindsay

Richie has over 20 years of experience in the field and a true passion for hunting. Richie began hunting in the early 80s and 90s with his father and brother building the foundation for his passion. He experienced hunting throughout Maryland's Eastern Shore and expanded his hunting up and down the east coast in pursuit of game. In the mid 90s Richie began his career as professional waterfowl guide. During the next 4 years, Richie thrived as a professional guide for outfitters located in MD, DE and NY. In 2008, Richie took his depth of knowledge and started his own outfitting service, Grove Point Outfitters.

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Jake Reidnauer

For eight years Jake Reidnauer has researched and desinged layout boats to fit the needs of the most serious waterfowler. His wood core desings became so popular that now Jake has designed an all fiberlgass version. Every boat is hand laid, fitted and finished by Jake him self. No corners are cut when producing Point Blank Layout boats. Quality control is our number one concern! if we feel that the layout is not up to our standards then it will not be up to yours! We take pride in each boat that leaves the shop. We build boats to last you a life time, not for production!

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Glenn Geick

With over 25 years of waterfowling experience Glenn Geick and his crew will show you an amazing time on the water or the fields. They will put you on some of the most up close, in your face, action that many hunters do not get to experience. Weather it is shooting geese and ducks out of a field or braving the Atlantic ocean for sea ducks, Knock ‘em down will put you on the X.

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