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Welcome and thank you for stopping by Lake Effect Decoy Company, LLC. or LED as we call it.

LED is located in the creek-town of Cochranton, PA; we strive every day to manufacture high quality, heavy duty, duck hunting decoys for the most demanding duck hunters in today’s waterfowling market. Combined LED has over 50 years of waterfowling experience and the founder started making his hand crafted diver duck hunting decoys in a small garage in 2010. LED has come a long way since, and today LED is striving to meet customer demands by improving the manufacturing process to produce premium custom decoys more efficiently while still upholding the company motto - to keep our decoys simple, functional, extremely durable and made in the USA.

At LED every aspect of how the decoys are created is American Made. All the design work, engineering, mold tooling, part injection, decorating, assembly, packaging, advertising, marketing and web development is done in the USA, providing jobs to honest hard working Americans.