about us


Welcome and thank you for stopping by Lake Effect Decoy Company, LLC. or LED as we call it.

LED is located in the creek-town of Cochranton, PA; we strive every day to manufacture high quality, heavy duty, duck hunting decoys for the most demanding duck hunters in today’s waterfowling market. Combined LED has over 50 years of waterfowling experience and the founder started making his hand crafted diver duck hunting decoys in a small garage in 2010. LED has come a long way since, and today LED is striving to meet customer demands by improving the manufacturing process to produce premium custom decoys more efficiently while still upholding the company motto - to keep our decoys simple, functional, extremely durable and made in the USA.
At LED every aspect of how the decoys are created is American Made. All the design work, engineering, mold tooling, part injection, decorating, assembly, packaging, advertising, marketing and web development is done in the USA, providing jobs to honest hard working Americans.


From the start LED decoys have been hand molded, one at a time, finished in a unique burlap style to add durability and quality. Starting fall of 2016 LED will be taking their custom decoys to the next level by manufacturing the decoy in a new patent pending process, combining the convenience and detail of a plastic decoy with the look and durability of a LED burlapped decoy to offer the
waterfowler a truly industry changing decoy. Currently LED is specializing in custom diver duck and sea duck decoys and plans are in the works for puddle duck decoys to be released in the near future.

LED is the pioneer in developing a revolutionary new type of custom decoy head that solves the problem hunters have been faced with for decades since the development of a hollow shell head and a foam head-“How do I stop my heads from breaking all the time?” - “How can a replaceable decoy head be made efficiently so the bill is so strong it can’t snap off?” Since 2010 LED has been investing countless hours and funding to research, engineer, and develop this concept of a perfect replacement decoy head. In early 2013 LED completed the first mold unit design and successfully tooled the first LED Original Series decoy head mold to produce a solid foamed resin injected head. Thru meticulous trial and error in the following R&D process LED introduced this new head for sale to the market in September 2013 at the Pymatuning Waterfowl Expo in Linesville, PA and then at the Tuckerton Decoy Show in Tuckerton, NJ. These heads were used on the original LED burlapped decoy bodies and also marketed as LED replacement heads. Word spread and LED soon began selling these heads all over the country. This head technology is used on all the LED Original Series decoy heads and the new Gale Force Series TM decoy heads, and it is now being implemented in the manufacturing of the new Gale Force Series TM LED bodies. LED is quickly becoming the high quality standard that others are trying to imitate.

“Stop by our decoy booth and see us at a show! "